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Re-purposed Wise Majority


Who are we? Those who have or are about to retire. We are known as the Baby Boomers
born between 1946 and 1964. We are not a burden on society. We have reached many of
our goals, many of us have left the work force. We have so much to give back, that is why
I say we are the Re-purposed Wise Majority.
We are a very large force with a great deal to contribute. Both to Boomers and none Boomers.
We have worked in many different careers and learned many different trades and skills.
Some of us were entrepreneurs from the start, some chose a career. We all learned from
life experiences.

This one to me is the most valuable. Things we learn in life are not taught in any academic

Academic Education is important, however it should not be the end. Personally I believe
that if we remain teachable and open minded we can not only share our knowledge with
others, we can also learn new valuable lessons. These lesson will add to the knowledge
we already have and make our current knowledge base greater.

In recent years there have been many Baby Boomers entering the internet world.

Some just to add to their current income. Many because they have time on their hands.

The internet offers many time consuming activities. Some for fun, some for interaction,
many opportunities to share the vast knowledge we have.

There are opportunities to join communities and share the knowledge we have and learn
new valuable information. This often leads to many of us utilizing this new knowledge by
going on to help guide others. This is where the Re-purposed Wise Majority enters.

We are a large force armed with vast knowledge in many areas. Ready to engage those
looking for guidance.

Also ready to learn more by remaining open minded and teachable. Building relationships
then guiding and learning together as God intended.

Are you a Baby Boomer? Are you looking for a better way to spend your spare time?

You do have valuable knowledge to share.
Do you want to join the Re-purposed Wise Majority?

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